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    Home maintenance involves many tasks that protect your home and ensures the longevity and the integrity of your building materials. Homeowners must perform maintenance projects on their home, from the very top to the very bottom. Beginning with the top, it is important to maintain your roofing materials, because your roof protects you, your family, and everything else that lies underneath it. Throughout the Douglasville area, and in the surrounding communities, the professional staff from Firemen Exterior Cleaning provides roof cleaning services for all of our customers.

    Our team of dedicated professionals offer roof cleaning services, by using our custom engineered system of cleaning called soft washing. It utilizes low pressure kydex pumps, special application nozzles, environmentally friendly solution, and specific wash and rinse process. The application wand expels water with the force equivalent to a garden hose. The result is a thoroughly cleaned roof, but without the threat of damaging your roofing materials, as with a regular pressure washing system.

    The staff from Firemen Exterior Cleaning has advanced skills that allows them to provide this soft washing service, while keeping in mind the more fragile materials that are usually found on the roof. From asphalt, tile, or any other type of roofing shingle, we guarantee to treat your building materials with extreme care. We work methodically and thoroughly, so we can provide you with the superior results that you expect for your home.

    Soft washing your roof will help to maintain your home’s value, as well as increase your home’s curb appeal, and improve roof longevity. Our professionals know that your home is a big investment, and our goal is to help you care for your investment as easily as possible. If you would like to acquire a free estimate for your next roof cleaning project, then please contact a Firemen Exterior Cleaning representative today. We are excited about this service that we offer, and we look forward to discussing your roof cleaning project with you anytime!

    The quick answer, Algae or as it’s scientifically known, Gleocapsa Magma.  The base of the shingle contains asphalt which includes limestone. The stains begin after the algae digests the limestone in it for food. These living organisms start out as small green or black spots then spread rapidly. 

    So, wherever you see those black roof stains, the asphalt shingles are getting damaged.

    The stains will expand until it completely covers the roof in the shaded areas if it isn’t cleaned off. 

    The other culprit, Moss, does the same damage to your asphalt shingles. A seasonal roof cleaning service keeps the destructive algae and moss off the roof of your home. 

    • A clean roof adds value to a home
    • Algae and Moss damage shingles which may void the manufactures warranty
    • Some insurance carriers may not renew a homeowner policy with Algae or Moss present on the asphalt single roof
    • Your home’s appearance looks restored with a clean roof

    Many home builders and other experts nationwide do not recommend this approach. Afterall, a house can be your largest and most valuable asset. Because algae colonies are feeding on the limestone in your shingles, it’s slowly breaks them down. Experts agree, you could be reducing the life of your shingles by up to 50%! Not to mention reducing its value. By letting us take care of your asphalt shingle roof cleaning, we help your warranty stay effective.

    We use our custom-built system, exclusively, for all asphalt shingle roofs we clean.  Our professional made cleaning equipment is specifically designed to only apply garden hose pressure to the roof surface. Thereby washing away algae, fungus, moss, and other debris as well as leaving behind a protective coating to keep your roof looking algae free for years ahead.

    Here’s a few highlights we feel is important for you to know about our professional soft wash roof cleaning service:

    • Our cleaning process has the ability to keep your asphalt shingle roof clean for many years to come. This is better than standard roof cleaning which should be carried out each and every year.
    • We provide a (3) three year, no nonsense, no algae streak warranty for asphalt shingle roofs we clean. That way, you can feel confident about the work we do and the results that we leave behind.
    • What is left behind is a protective film that is toxic to mildew, preventing future fungal growth.

    Absolutely Not! A high-pressure wash system can damage asphalt shingles and void the manufactures warranty. Not to mention the thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs. Trust us, you don’t need that headache. That’s why we use our professional made soft wash system without exception.

    Yes. We use our soft washing method on metal roofs too. The result, your metal roof gets thoroughly clean with no damage to the surface. This technique is approved by manufacturers for roof cleaning. By letting us take care of your metal roof cleaning, we help the warranty stay intact and so can your metal roof.

    Our company is an environmentally conscious company. The commercial solutions we use to clean your asphalt shingle, metal roof and other exterior surfaces are biodegradable and completely safe for the environment. Our cleaning methods keep the environment safe as well as your home, family, and pets.

    Generally, no when protected using our extensive set up methods and procedures. We promise to always follow our step by step Standard Operating Procedures, so an incident doesn’t happen. 

    Many factors go into pricing the investment of cleaning your roof. They include, Size (square feet), Pitch (how steep), Shape (the number of peaks), Reachability (how easy can we get to each section of roof), Landscaping (flower beds, scrubs, retaining walls), Enhanced Features (pools, decks, play areas) and overall algae, fungus, moss, and other debris that accumulates on the roof.  

    Yes, because the smallest of spores can grow a colony rapidly, we clean the entire roof. 

    They may be effective for the first eight or so years. Unfortunately, they’re not effective for the standard lifetime (25, 30, 35 years) of the asphalt shingle.  That means, algae and moss can start to grow. If so, we can help. Contact us for a free estimate at 770-710-1210 or

    At the first site of algae streaks or fungus growth. Fortunately, our client base is in the southeast, so year-round roof cleaning is available. PS: Don’t wait until it’s too late. By then, it costs more to have it cleaned or may be too late due to extensive damage. 

    No. Our technician will call when we arrive and after the project is complete. We do provide a client pre-cleaning list that helps ensure an incident free experience. Please help with the following:

    • make sure all windows and doors are closed completely. 
    • move all vehicles away from the house and out of the driveway, because we have hoses running around the house and don’t want to damage your vehicles. 
    • advise us of any cars, boats, campers, or anything else that you do not want to get wet 
    • take a walk around your house to look for toys, pet items, pots, planter boxes, furniture, tools, etc. and move them away from the area to be cleaned (typically, our clients move these items into the garage or shed during the cleaning process)
    • secure all pets inside your home
    • the more items out of the way, the easier the cleaning process will be

    Yes, we are. Firemen Exterior Cleaning carries an insurance policy. We are insured to clean residential homes, large H.O.A projects and commercial buildings as well. Ask us for a copy, we’re happy to email it for your review.

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    Our company was founded by Ryan Hajjar, a firefighter in metro Atlanta. The large majority of company teammates are active duty firefighters. That means your project helps support these brave firefighters and their families. 


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