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    Cleaning the outside walls of your home is one of the simplest things that you can do, in order to greatly improve not only the aesthetic value but also the value of your property. Soft washing is the best way to clean the exterior of your home or building. Most professionals recommend that you have your property washed at least every year, or two. Firemen Exterior Cleaning offers professional exterior washing services in the Metro Atlanta area. We welcome the opportunity to help you check this off of your to-do list with our expert soft wash and pressure washing skills.

    Our company consists of local firefighters who have transitioned the skills that they have learned throughout their training, into useful skills that they can use around your home or property. We know how to care for the various types of building materials, and we also know the value of a person’s property. Our clients take great pride in their property, our goal is to help them add value and that WOW factor!

    Our soft washing techniques will rid the exterior of your property from mold, mildew, pollen, dirt, algae, acid rain and any other substance that has developed along the outside walls. Every home or property will develop some type of microbial growth over a period of time. It is important for every property owner to remove these elements, in order to protect their investment. Exterior cleaning your home or building will improve your home’s curb appeal, extend longevity of your building materials, and keep your the exterior clean and healthy.

    Firemen Exterior Cleaning team members work diligently and safely, in order to perform their projects thoroughly. We guarantee that you will be happy with the end result, as we do everything that we can to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you are a property owner who would like to have your home or building soft washed or pressure washed by a group of dedicated, highly-trained professionals, then please contact us today. We look forward to working with you anytime!

    It’s important to wash pollen, mold, acid rain, algae, and other airborne contaminates off the exterior surface of your home. They contribute to the failure, destruction, and/or permanent staining of most painted surface such as fiber cement board, stucco, vinyl siding, composite siding, and natural wood. Brick and mortar joints can also experience pre-mature ageing and decay. 

    Soft washing the homes exterior is an easy and affordable way to ensure your home stays in tip top shape. 

    Money Tip Here: Many realtors agree you can add 5 to 10 % to the value of your home by presenting in as clean and well taken care of.

    The recommendation among may builders, realtors, and professionals in our industry is every 12 to 24 months. This way you keep your home looking fresh and it helps painted surfaces last as intended. 

    We use our custom-built system, exclusively, on all house exteriors we wash.  Our professional made cleaning equipment is specifically designed to only apply garden hose pressure to the homes exterior surface. Thereby washing away pollen, mold, acid rain, algae, and other airborne contaminates to make your home look squeaky clean.

    Our cleaning process has the ability to safely and softly wash your homes exterior. This method is far superior to traditional pressure washing.

    Absolutely Not! A high-pressure wash system can damage the surface of your homes siding or brick and void the manufactures warranty. Not to mention the thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs. Trust us, you don’t need that headache. That’s why we use our professional made soft wash system without exception.

    Our company is an environmentally conscious company. The commercial solutions we use to clean your homes exterior, roof and other flat surfaces are biodegradable and completely safe for the environment. Our cleaning methods keep the environment safe as well as your home, family, and pets.

    Generally, no when protected using our extensive set up methods and procedures. We promise to always follow our step by step Standard Operating Procedures, so an incident doesn’t happen. 

    Many factors go into pricing the investment of washing your home. They include, Size (square feet), Height (how high), Shape (the number of peaks), Reachability (how easy can we get to each section of the home), Landscaping (flower beds, scrubs, retaining walls), Enhanced Features (pools, decks, play areas) and overall pollen, mold, acid rain, algae, and other airborne contaminates that accumulate on the exterior.  

    We usually recommend a complete cleaning. If you have a special request, let’s have a conversation so we can understand your needs.

    When it looks dirty, drab, or just not up to your level of clean. Fortunately, our client base is in the southeast, so year-round roof cleaning is available. PS: Don’t wait until it’s too late. By then, it costs more to have it cleaned or may be too late due to extensive damage. 

    I am concerned about the amount of water you will use.

    Our soft wash cleaning method uses less water than other types of exterior cleaning. A typical exterior house wash uses approximately $3.00 of water, which has already been subtracted from the cost of the service.

    No. Our technician will call when we arrive and after the project is complete. We do provide a client pre-cleaning list that helps ensure an incident free experience. Please help with the following:

    • make sure all windows and doors are closed completely. 
    • move all vehicles away from the house and out of the driveway, because we have hoses running around the house and don’t want to damage your vehicles. 
    • advise us of any cars, boats, campers, or anything else that you do not want to get wet 
    • take a walk around your house to look for toys, pet items, pots, planter boxes, furniture, tools, etc. and move them away from the area to be cleaned (typically, our clients move these items into the garage or shed during the cleaning process)
    • secure all pets inside your home
    • the more items out of the way, the easier the cleaning process will be

    Yes, we are. Firemen Exterior Cleaning carries an insurance policy. We are insured to clean residential homes, large H.O.A projects and commercial buildings as well. Ask us for a copy, we’re happy to email it for your review.

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    • Driveway and Walkways (only as part of a Roof Cleaning or House Washing project)
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    Our company was founded by Ryan Hajjar, a firefighter. The large majority of company teammates are active duty firefighters. That means your project helps support these brave firefighters and their families. 


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